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CILER Assistant Research Scientist, Eric Anderson, was recently featured on NOAA's research website. In the interview, Anderson talks about when he knew he wanted to pursue a career in science, what he likes most about his work and why his research matters. Check out the full interview here.



Supported by NOAA’s Center of Excellence for Great Lakes & Human Health and the Cooperative Institute for Limnology & Ecosystems Research, scientists at the University of South Florida are validating and deploying, an operational sensor comprised of a robotic sampler (Fries patent #7,927,807) coupled with an in-water mass spectrometer (Fries patent #6,727,498).  The sampler (essentially, a robotic ‘technician in a can’) automates sample collection and extraction/purification of ‘target’ chemical/biochemical agents (pesticides, toxins, pollutants, biomarkers), prior to a ‘gold standard” confirmation/quantification by mass spectrometry, based on ion trap technology.

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Date: Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Speaker: Dr. Piet Verburg


National Insitute of Water and Atmospheric Research