ECO Program

The mission of CILER’s Education, Communications & Outreach (ECO) Program is to advance environmental literacy, promote a diverse workforce, encourage stewardship, and support informed decision making in the Great Lakes.

CILER Education and Career Training provides research education and training of undergraduates, graduate students, and postdoctoral research fellows who will become the next generation of Great Lakes scientists. Since 2011, we have provided research opportunities to more than 575 students and post-docs. Activities include:

CILER Communications translates and promotes NOAA research in the Great Lakes to the general public.
Activities include:

CILER Outreach conveys the value, importance, and usefulness of NOAA’s Great Lakes research both to the general public and to policy makers. We work with our 10 Consortium partner institutions, spanning from Lake Superior to Lake Ontario, to accomplish public outreach across the basin. We strive to infuse better science into decision making by providing local, state, and federal policy makers with NOAA tools and data products, and advising on future research needs.
Activities include:

  • Great Lakes Seminar Series
  • Community outreach events
  • NOAA Great Lakes Regional Collaboration Team Communications and Outreach Working Group
  • White papers targeted to regional policy makers, resulting from Summits & Working Groups
  • Congressional visits